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The Valley

The Executive House
A forward approach to treatment

The Valley
The Professional Program

Serving professionals that would otherwise have left the state to find the level of amenities and understanding of treatment needs. The new center sits on an additional 1.5 acres of land connected to the 8 acres currently home to The Valley treatment center. With the addition of the Professional Program, the campus will have a total of 28 beds.

The Valley offers evidence-based inpatient treatment programs that integrate comprehensive, person-centered, therapeutic methods for:

  • Addiction Treatment
  • Substance Use Treatment
  • Mental Health Treatment
  • Behavioral Healthcare

The new program will build on these methods in a new, separate home on the campus.

executive program.jpg

The new residential facility has enhanced treatment options like individualized attention, small group therapy sessions, and opportunities for residents access to stay connected to work responsibilities in a private, secure setting. Residents will benefit from a home-like feel in a rural environment where patients are fully supported on their path to recovery.

A forward approach to treating addiction, substance misuse, anxiety, depression, alcohol and prescription medication use disorder and other conditions is facilitated by qualified, experienced, and caring team of counselors, trauma therapists, nurses, clinical and medical professionals, case managers, and support staff. The program provides residents with a full day of clinical and therapeutic services with catered meals, fitness programs, yoga, acupuncture and recovery time. Therapy sessions focus on topics such as relapse prevention, life skills, self-care, trigger warnings and healthy communication.